Guidelinefit is a US based fitness brand incorporated with Adherencefit alternative health training services, our brand embrace the Philosophy behind biomechanics to improve wellness. We’re branched in Grand Rapid, Michigan, and provide individual/group fitness sessions nationwide with potential expansion in the Midwest.

“The past decades living abroad immersed in diverse fitness cultures changed my prospective on biomechanics but each change was relatively common”

Sports play a instrumental role in ongoing development as it generally supports an active lifestyle. Athlete’s physical capabilities can easily be differentiated from others, based on their durability which is associated with coordination, physicality, and power. Someone that is naturally athletic often participate in a number of activities. What truly result in someone becoming highly athletic, and a coordinated individual is their mindset. Naturally we adopt habits that influence our lifestyle rather we acknowledge it or not. Athleticism is the ability to move freely, and the mindset determines a individuals progress. Start directing your energy towards mechanics, and your results will always show.

I notice growing extremely durable after stability & mobility workouts. ”

Direct your energy towards fundamental movement, and everything will naturally take its course. Our philosophy focus on breaking down muscle tissue during each stretch, and rebuilding full range of motion. It’s best to start from the beginning with traditional warm-ups and stretches, then begin working your way up.


Guidelinefit, the brand that inspire a way of life. You get what you put into this life!  You don’t have to be an elite athlete to warm-up, and stretch everyday. You only have to understand your body need to maintain its durability, and strength. There isn’t any special workouts needed to maintain health. You only have to be honest with yourself, and aware you need to invest the time. We supply guidelines that fit into your everyday schedule to enhance your life.


Keith Gayden Studied Communication Marketing & Sociology at Duquesne University while attending the NCAA Atlantic 10 program on a full athletic scholarship. Fitness, health, and wellness has always been a great interest of Gayden.

Gayden participated in the Chicago Bulls Summer League during 2007, and 2008. He signed Under Nick Nurse Former Head Coach of the Lowa Energy now known as the Iowa Wolves  first year NBA development team in 2008. The following years he joined international sporting clubs, and fitness clubs abroad while becoming a national professional in multiple countries. 

 Keith Gayden is a official USA Basketball & Youth Development Licensed CoachRural Clinical Assistant, and  Pelican Alaska Community Fire Department Volunteer for Emergency Medical Service (EMS). He also established himself as a diverse International Professional Athlete that has transition into fitness over the past decade while contributing to communities all over the world. Also he’s a fitness, and sports trainer with years of active experience in maintaining physical performance while competing and training abroad. Gayden passion for fitness inspires a number of different areas of development. Mobility is his primary area of focus in relation to general development in the fitness industry. You may have those days you feel you can’t physically show up but he’ll know exactly whats necessary to give you that edge.

We are currently in the process of developing HCS (Health Communication Software) that allow the health industry to share information and services on a global scale under the associated brand Adherencefit. Gayden coordinated projects for international brands in Asia, South America, United States, and many more regions in the world. These programs will make it possible for  professionals to build healthy comprehensive rapport with other health specialists, and clients globally with lifestyles thriving on customs that diversify health.