The 3 Big Advantages When Sports Are Incorporated Into Our Daily Lives.

1. Healthier, and Firm Intercultural Sociability 

Sports always had a way of connecting humanity with embedded personalities within foreign communities, and cultural traditions outside of its own. The International Journal of Sport Policy, and Politics carries a list of issues that touch on The social benefits of informal, and lifestyle sports: a research agenda by 

  • Paul Gilchrist from the school of environment and technology at University of Brighton, UK 
  • Belinda Wheaton from Te Oranga human development in movement at University of Waikato Hamilton, New Zealand.

 Studies state that a wealth of research has considered how sport contributes to achieving wider social benefits. Over time studies change based on social behavior which question and create discourse of social benefits. The language of social benefits has become a defining feature of the modern landscape of lifestyle sport.  In the USA, attitudes to the provision of lifestyle sports are shifting from participants being perceived as antisocial and deviant.

 2. Introduction to Fitness, and Healthier Lifestyles

Sports connect individuals to a more active and healthier lifestyle. It gives humanity a sense of purpose, and self-awareness. Once a person begins learning, and acknowledging their potential by competing in any sporting activity. They begin to learn and honor their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s some great info from the realbuzz team at  www.realbuzz.com 

  “For sure, playing sports is generally a fantastic way to improve your fitness and health. Many of us may not feel at home pounding away on a treadmill or working up a sweat in the gym, but we’ll happily chase a ball around endlessly while playing a game of some sort”.

For most, taking part in sports will improve your general health, and well being. There are plenty of reasons why you should become involved in sports with reduced body fat, bone strengthening, improved stamina and flexibility being some of the reasons why you should take up a sport. 

Any sporting activity that keeps you moving, and that motivates you will help you in the long run. Below is a great post (Time’s Health, Exercise & Fitness)  beneficial studies on sports and health.  https://time.com/4950641/workout-sports-exercise/

The idea of building health comes naturally when your having fun. Find activity of interest, and get involved. 

3. Influence Others to Adopt Healthier Habits 

Believe it or not you have the ability to change and inspire people lives with one activity at a time. Any change starts with accepting that  people feed off your ability to get involve, exhale and have fun. 

Here’s a interesting post from Bleacher Report (Social media platform that focus on sports and sports culture) ranking the 25 most influential people in sports. www.bleacherreport.com/articles/1633493-ranking-the-25-most-influential-people-in-sports 

We all have a competitive edge when it come to sports.  Health is our ability to wake up, and get involved. 

 Any sport or activity can impact our lives in a positive way. Once we find interest in a sport, we are connecting ourselves to new, and healthier possibilities.

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